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Andrej Ržišnik

Leading architect, management of complex investment projects and consulting

Urška Pollak

Leading urban planner, expert opinions and consulting

Zvonko Sajevic

Leading structural engineer, expert opinions, project and construction management, consulting

Marko Bunderla

Project and construction management,  tenders and construction site coordination

Gregor Rožman

Real estate due diligence, legal project  support

mag.Gregor Bavdaž

Building systems, IT and SCADA

Vid Bežan

Project and construction management, tenders and construction site coordination

Evgenija Petak

Urban planning, project leading

Rok Ahačič

Infrastructure and traffic design, project and construction management

Robert Premrov

Optimization of structural systems, project  and construction management

Alenka Močnik

Project lead for office, industrial and public investments

Matej Penič

Geodesy, land cadastre, building cadastre

Alja Klančnik Kučan

Interior design and equipment

Tomaž Kučan

Research and Design - R&D

Interdisciplinary expert and technical consulting already at the concept and in the form of a constant support throughout all the investment process 

Our group of experts with many years of experience is proficient in all aspects of design and project implementation.

On top of our architectural and engineering services we assure both risk management as well as assistance during the key decision-making regarding suitability, usability and cost-effectiveness.

We take responsibility and as an independent group of experts protect your interests.

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