Newsletter - EN: BIM: Revolution in the Construction Industry


A year ago, the architects and engineers of PROTIM Ržišnik Perc started implementing multidisciplinary BIM models on an integrated level through all expert competences of the construction industry (architecture, structural design, installations – from design to construction management). Today this is our daily work.

We design the construction projects of our investors in BIM model, because we are clearly aware of the importance and benefits that BIM offers: transparency of all information about the construction (from the first idea to the actual use), construction time optimization, cost control and better predictability of the long-term effects and risks. First projects we made in BIM model are today in the construction phase.

BIM processes are well established in Europe and the United States. Due to digitizing design process and execution of construction investments the introduction of the BIM model into the regular practice will shift the construction in the direction of "Industry 4.0".

In PROTIM we build on the transparency of information with the aim of risk management, control and traceability. This way the projects are designed with a realistic base, their course is foreseeable and results as expected.

Learn more about our digital world of BIM design on PROTIM’s special page

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