BIM (Building Information Modelling) means build intelligent with digital construction.

Solving problems on the screen, not on the construction site.

Why Building Information Modelling is the best solution for you?

In UK BIM helped increase the speed of delivery for 55% of construction professionals in the UK.” - Survey made by National Building Specification UK
BIM creates a faster way to capture and resolve quality issues and eliminate clashes.” - Survey made by International Building Smart



Solve all the problems before construction

BIM allows us to build virtually and to detect and solve the problems before construction and improves the quality of the project. That not only saves money and time, but also enables the green reboot in the construction industry.


Have a full control over your project

BIM model includes all the information about the building and provides you an access to the latest, reliable information about the project. This makes the whole process of the preconstruction and construction transparent for all the parties included in the project.


Construction sector is one of the industries being disrupted by technology and digitalization. BIM enables the latest technologies to work efficiently and save money.

The World Economic Forum considered BIM to be the key technology that is changing how infrastructure, real estate and other physical assets are designed, developed, used, and maintained.


 What does BIM improve?

Precise planning in the design phase, decreased complications during implementation, faster construction and better quality.





BIM increases the workload in the design phase – a good project preparation decreases complications during implementation and speeds up construction (making right decisions in early investment phases also optimizes the construction costs).

BIM model follows the building throughout its life cycle from the start of design through construction and use. BIM model is a tool for facility management, reconstruction works, adaptations, extensions and finally the demolition of the building.

BIM demands a higher level of accuracy and significantly increases communication of all project participants – this includes the active participation of the investor and end users. As a result, we enhance a better quality of the project with a better understanding of the user needs.

BIM enhances conditions for sustainable construction through allowing simulations and analyses of the effectiveness already in the design stage and optimization during the building operation.

Infrastructure Life Cycle and Protim Ržišnik Methodology


3D Model representation


BIM enhances transparency and clearly defines responsibilities in the triangle of investor – end user / designer – supervisor / contractor – supplier; all with the help of a vivid BIM model, that combines all project competences.


The constantly updated BIM model is a digital twin of the building, which contains all data and specifications on the building stored in one place and easily accessible. It enables tracking changes in a transparent and effective way.

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 Who is involved in BIM? 

All the experts sharing one digital space.



BIM allows full coordination between all parties involved in the project. All the experts use their knowledge and skills to collaborate in a centralized digital space where all of them can access the latest information, give and get the feedback and share their steps on the project development.

BIM Fields | Adapted from BIMe Initiative

Stakeholders involved in BIM Process

BIM Fields | Adapted from BIMe Initiative

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BIM is a powerful technology with many potential benefits when used consciously and adequately. The central part of BIM technology is information, and to be successful, we must sufficiently organize the flow of information.

Federated BIM Model in 3D Viewer

Augmented Reality during Quality Inspection 

Position Marker in BIM Model with Point Cloud

 What criteria must be met for your project to use BIM technology? 

We need to define the requirements and project goals.



  • Who will use the information stored in the model, and when?
  • What do you want to obtain from the model? Drawings, As-Built data, Cost Estimation, Preconstruction data, Facility management data, etc.
  • What level of proficiency in BIM do the stakeholders have? 
  • Additional requirements you need to achieve for your project. Reduce cost, Reduce time, comply with Green Building regulations, etc.

 Do you still work with companies not using BIM? 

Let us reduce the risks, delays and cost overruns in your project.



With BIM management, we will help you to minimalise risks, delays and over expenses.

We will:

  • create and maintain a shared data environment during the construction phase,
  • care for the integrity, availability and security of data on the platform,
  • conduct introductory workshops for the new users,
  • provide technical support.

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