What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files on your computer that store information about how many times you visit our website and what interests you during those visits. Cookies do not contain any personal data or information that can identify you.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies help us to provide you with a better user experience on our website.

For example, cookies may record your preferences and settings, entries in online forms and information for logged-in users.

Basic e-commerce functions would not be possible without cookies. In online shops, cookies are used to record the products in your shopping basket, your favourites, other information about your purchase, etc.

Cookies help us to record website statistics so that we can better detect and correct any errors and offer you better content or more relevant offers on your next visit.

Cookies help potential advertising partners to serve you relevant advertisements.

Some cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the website itself, while others can only be stored if you agree to them.

List of cookies

Functional cookies

Cookie name Purpose Duration Origin
__cookiePolicy This cookie is used to remember your choices about the placement of cookies. The data collected by this cookie is not shared with third parties. 10 years Protim
device_view This cookie is used to show the user the appropriate version of the page according to the screen size. 7 days Protim
protim A strictly necessary cookie that distinguishes (anonymously) between individual users of the site, allows you to view the site, log in to the office, etc. The data collected by the cookie is not shared with third parties. by end of session Protim 


Analytical cookies 

Cookie name Purpose Duraton Origin
_fbp This cookie is used for the purpose of statistics of users who come from Facebook and for segmentation and advertising campaigns on Facebook. 3 months Facebook
_ga Statistics of page views. 2 years Google Analytics
_gat Google Analytics cookie designed to limit the collection of data on highly visited pages. 10 minutes Google Analytics
_gid Statistics of page views. 1 day Google Analytics
selectedLocale Cookie required for the normal functioning of the website (newsletter sign-up, language selection, etc.).  5 years Protim
_hjid This cookie is used to store a random user ID unique to this website in the browser. This ensures that the same user ID will be assigned to the behaviour on subsequent visits to the same site. 1 year HotJar
_lfa Leadfeeder tracker adds a cookie for visitors. The cookie is set only for the website domain, Leadfeeder does not use third party cookies. 2 leti LeadFeeder


Disabling cookies

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. You can turn cookies off at any time in your browser settings. For information on the cookie settings for individual browsers, please see the links below:

If you turn cookies off, the website will not function optimally or some functionalities will be disabled. Even if you turn off all cookies, your browser will still obtain certain information that is necessary for the basic functioning of our website.