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Bridge over Cerkniščica and bank arrangement, Cerknica

Client: Municipality Cerknica

Location: Cerknica

Web Site:

Project data

Project type: new construction

GBA: 554 m2

Year of completion: 2018

A new bridge over the Cerkniščica River will be built in the centre of Cerknica, replacing the existing footbridge.

Key starting points for the design of the new bridge are:

  • The overall design of the river crossing and the riverbank layout.
  • Adequate height of the bridge structure above the water to prevent flooding.
  • Barrier-free for disabled persons.

With the viewing platforms along the bridge, the presence of the river is more visible.

Narrowed space of the street and the café terrace on the right side of the riverbank are widened and opened up, while on the left side of the riverbank, a new access to the bridge is created. This access has an additional viewing platform and staircase areas set back from the busy road. The rich riverside vegetation is reduced, which opens the space of the square.

The planned public space consists of:

  • Street arrangements, access ramp and stairs to the bridge on the right side of the riverbank. Open public space ending with viewing platforms over the river.
  • Bridge.
  • Staircase and access ramp leading from the crossing to the new bridge and riverside terraces with viewing platform on the left side of the riverbank.

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